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Urban Developer

Urban Developer allows urban water managers to compare integrated water management options, ranging in scale from the allotment to the cluster level.

This next generation software tool from eWater challenges the conventional silo approach to modelling the different streams of the urban water cycle of stormwater, waste water, water supply and re-use options.

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Water Quality Analyser is for water managers, scientists and engineers who need to monitor in-stream water quality, estimate pollutant loads, or set future water quality targets.

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Pluviograph Rainfall Data Tool

All MUSIC users with current Support and Maintenance get free access to our Pluviograph Rainfall Data Tool.

This easy to use utility provides access to rainfall data from 1467 stations across Australia. When using MUSIC it is essential to the integrity and accuracy to your model that you use a rainfall data set that is both local and relevant to the model.

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Sponsored Supplier Products for WSUD

The Sponsored Supplier Products for WSUD site was created as a result of requests from MUSIC software users for improved access to information about stormwater management products and services. This sponsored site allows eWater to continue to invest in product development including the incorporation of latest science to benefit users, while still maintaining our not-for-profit status. The listings will grow over time to incorporate a full range of products and services widely utilised in Water Sensitive Urban Design.

If you would like to have your relevant product or service listed in this directory please call 1300 5 WATER or email