Since MUSIC was first developed in 2001, the software has been used by thousands of urban stormwater professionals working in private practice and in state, regional and local government agencies throughout Australia. MUSIC guidelines have been, or are being, written for a range of locations across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney’s drinking water catchments, South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Perth and Darwin.

Environmental and engineering consultants around Australia use MUSIC every day to design urban development proposals that meet Water Sensitive Urban Design standards. MUSIC is even being used to look at the effects of wetlands in agricultural catchments near the Great Barrier Reef.

"MUSIC is E2Designlab's most essential software tool. We use it in planning and design for all our projects ranging from streetscape rain gardens and stormwater reuse for parks through to regional integrated water management strategies for water authorities. Using MUSIC as a key analysis tool, we are moving beyond best practice water quality treatment to considering benefits of WSUD for evapotranspiration, minor flooding and heavy metals treatment as well as systemic efficiencies in the overall water cycle that can be realised through better design." 

– Dr Dale Browne, Senior Engineer, E2Designlab

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