Source is designed as an integrated planning and operations tool for entire catchments, rivers and their connected groundwater systems.  Source is ideal as a platform for Decision Support Systems due to its flexible and open software architecture and range of decision support tools.  Source can be used for urban water supply management at the town, city, and regional scale where it can assess a full range of supply and reuse options.

Source is designed for modelling:

  • Sophisticated water governance arrangements that reflect the particularly advanced policy elements of the Australian water reform journey
  • Water entitlements, annual allocation, trading and accounting in river systems with significant irrigated agriculture, urban, industrial or environmental demands
  • Management options to improve water security
  • Analysis options to understand the effects of climate variability and uncertainty
  • Multi-basin and transboundary water management
  • Advanced optimisation analysis
  • System operations.

Source provides comprehensive capability for users to plan and optimise management arrangements to meet a wide range of objectives including:

  • Integrated irrigation, hydroelectricity, urban, industrial and environmental water use
  • Urban water supply solutions through evaluating new reservoirs, desalination, and stormwater recycling options
  • Environmental water demand planning and operational delivery – from sites to basins
  • Flood and drought security options analysis and planning
  • Catchment land use and water quality improvement.

From a technical and policy perspective, Source addresses a variety of important aspects of river management and operations such as:

  • River flow routing
  • Reservoir routing and releases
  • On-farm storage and return flows
  • Groundwater-surface water exchange
  • Groundwater and surface water conjunctive license management
  • Urban, ecological and agricultural demands and delivery
  • Sediment, salt and pollutant generation and transport from catchment to rivers.
  • Using Source to manage catchments
  • Using Source to manage rivers
  • Using Source to manage urban water

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