The Australian Water Partnership

Water partners for development

To manage water resources effectively and equitably in the Indo-Pacific region to support sustainable economic development, improve water security for all, and reduce environmental and social impacts and regional tensions.

In September 2014, the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs agreed that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) should establish an initiative to support public and private partnerships for sharing Australia’s water sector expertise in the Indo-Pacific region. Initially funded through the Australian aid program, the AWP will provide more efficient access to Australian water sector experience and expertise in response to growing demand for collaboration from governments and multilateral agencies in the region.

Deeper engagement in regional water issues will also open opportunities for Australia to learn from different approaches and enable participating professionals to explore water management issues of mutual interest and benefit.

The AWP was established in May 2015 with an initial DFAT investment of AUD$20 million over four years.  The AWP will seek co-investment collaborations with its international partners and may also incorporate fee for service activities where appropriate.

eWater has been contracted by DFAT as the AWP’s implementing partner, and operational governance—including partnering, investments and activity selection—will be overseen by an AWP Committee.


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The Australian Water Partnership is supported by the Australian Government.